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Our Investment Philosophy

Changing the world doesn't happen in baby steps. True innovation is not about incremental development, but massive disruption.


Gal Ventures is committed to intensely studying the dynamics of early stage companies, helping start-ups bring their ideas to fruition. We seek out founders with vision, energy, and perseverance, whose ideas are set to be game changers in their fields, ready to change the way we interact with our world for the better, by tackling real problems head on. Our partner companies are often in the very early stages of funding (Seed to Pre-A), so we generally take a very active, hands-on role in the companies.

We're invested in our companies, offering a decade of experience working with new companies on making critical decisions, breaking into the market, assembling teams, and securing funding. We believe in simplicity and the shedding of artificial boundaries. Our portfolio companies demonstrate real creativity, collaboration, and forward thinking, and they are eager to partner with us. We take a meaningful stake in the success of our companies, staying involved in all the steps needed to grow the company into a major player in the field.
Though we work with companies from around the world, our focus is
US and Israeli innovation. Our primary focus is nurturing Israeli technology with US business development opportunities.

Meet The Team

Haim Blecher


Haim has over a decade of experience investing in start-ups prior to founding Gal Ventures, with a strong ability to recognize market needs, identify talented founders, and structure powerful teams capable of bringing innovation to reality. Prior to his entry into venture capital, Haim had a successful career as an accomplished spinal surgeon, where he developed his attention to detail and commitment to collaboration.


In his spare time, Haim is an avid surfer, though for him, riding the waves is no different from operating or investing - the key to success is having the right people with the right idea, ready to perform with everything they've got.



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April 4, 2020

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